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Part of serving is sharing. Whatever production or operational challenges you face, we have the expertise and resources to solve them. We also believe in extending our training and expertise through videos, newsletters, and articles in technical and trade publications. We hope you will find the following resources useful in moving your business forward.


Newsletter August 2021

Troubleshooting Board Crush Issues

Newsletter February 2021

FDA Compliance of Food Packaging
Polymers in Starch Chemistry

Newsletter November 2020

Maintaining Your Starch Loop
Digital Readouts and Sensors

Newsletter August 2020

Starch Silos
Pin Adhesion Testing

Newsletter May 2020

Glue Dams
Roll Stock Handling

Newsletter February 2020

Managing Splicers

Newsletter November 2019

Borax: The Last Manual Addition
Rheology vs. Viscosity

Newsletter August 2019

Caustic Soda
How Accurate Is Your Test Equipment?

Newsletter May 2019

Wet-Strength Resins: Cost vs. Quality
Testing for Wet Strength

Newsletter February 2019

Troubleshooting Blow-Out Issues
Machine Alignment

Newsletter November 2018

Understanding Starch
Starch Mixers

Newsletter August 2018

Troubleshooting Warp
Corrugator Roll Loading

Newsletter May 2018

Soak Testing
Troubleshooting a Diaphragm Pump

Newsletter February 2018

Adhesive Viscosity
Temperature / Viscosity Control Systems

Newsletter November 2017

Troubleshooting Starch Application
How Much is Corrugator Speed Worth?

Newsletter August 2017

Rex Woodville-Price
Monday Startup

Newsletter May 2017

Making Your Numbers
Calculating Your Waste

Newsletter February 2017

Training New Employees
The Benefits of Ongoing Training

Newsletter November 2016

Small Issues are Causing Major Problems
Gates Gravely Welcomed
Peter Snyder Honored

Newsletter August 2016

No-Crush Wheels
Flat Crush Test
Combined Board Caliper

Newsletter May 2016

Gel Temperature
Test Temperature Affects Results
What is the Real Gel Point of Your Adhesive?

Newsletter February 2016

Cold Weather Operational Challenges
Bonding in Cold Weather
Caustic Soda and Cold Weather

Newsletter November 2015

United Singlefacer; Optimizing Adhesive Application
Clint Bell Dies at Age 87
HarperLove Announces...

Newsletter August 2015

Combating Loose Corrugations
Belted Singlefacers
Medium Fractures

Newsletter May 2015

The Envolving Science of Better Adhesives
What Determines Medium Runnability
Paper Tendencies

Newsletter February 2015

Keep Your adhesive distribution system healthy
Fight Adhesive Buildup
Harper/Love's LOU CUCCIA retires

Newsletter November 2014

A Closer Look
Digital Imaging in the plant

Newsletter August 2014

Optimizing adhesive viscosity
Choosing and using thermometers
Calibrating for accuracy

Newsletter May 2014

Evaluating wet strength needs
All resins are not equal
Wet strength testing

Newsletter February 2014

Cold weather operations
Caustic hates winter
Bonding in winter

Newsletter November 2013

Dual arch process
Dual arch equipment
Dual arch adhesives

Newsletter August 2013

Starch solids percentage
Oven dried solids
Why accuracy matters

Newsletter MAY 2013

What it does
How to install it
How to Maintain it

Newsletter February 2013

Starch silo maintenance and safety
Handling chemicals safely in the plant

Newsletter November 2012

Corn prices: reality and remedy
Carbone Lifetime Achievement Award

Newsletter August 2012

Better bonds
Adhesive transfer
Belt tension

Newsletter May 2012

The evolving science of better adhesives

Newsletter February 2012

Cold weather issues
Measuring and controlling viscosity
Soak tank lessons

Newsletter November 2011

Low-solids adhesives
Effects of water and temperature
ACCCSA exhibit shows off corrugated

Newsletter August 2011

Glue line analysis
Testing for fiber orientation

Newsletter May 2011

Sustainable tote recovery program
Toward a greener plant
Using recycled paper to make boxes

Newsletter February 2011

Ultrasonic detectors for diagnosis
Steam traps: opportunities for saving energy
Click here to listen to actual recordings of steam traps cycling.

Newsletter November 2010

Predicting stacking strength
Preparing test samples
Test repeatability and reproducibility

Newsletter August 2010

Calculating adhesive solids
Adhesives for dual arch
One Bag Mix to the rescue

Newsletter May 2010

Rheology vs. viscosity
Finessing the glue-roll speed ratio
The low-solids breakthrough

Newsletter February 2010

Why wax is on the wane
What are the alternatives
Solving bonding challenges

Newsletter November 2009

Hard water fix
Steam traps
Preheating flute tips

Newsletter August 2009

All about wet strength:
What it is
How to get it
How to measure it

Newsletter May 2009

Dual viscosity systems
Accurate readings from your IR guns

Newsletter February 2009

Alternatives to corn
Maximizing adhesive performance

Newsletter November 2008

Troubleshooting warp
Keeping your adhesive pipes healthy

Newsletter August 2008

30 years of industry service
30 years of technical service leadership
30 years of product innovation

Newsletter May 2008

Troubleshooting delamination
All about mixers

Newsletter February 2008

Contact Bars
Three decades of service to the corrugating industry

Newsletter November 2007

Board crush problems
The vernier adjustment
Machine modifications

Newsletter August 2007

Preventive maintenance
Feed water deaerators
Remembering John Curielli

Newsletter May 2007

Early corrugating equipment
A short history of paper
Milestones in corrugating history
Two join technical field staff

Newsletter February 2007

Understanding starch viscosity
The medium has a message
Know your adhesive consumption
The false economy of reducing solids

Newsletter November 2006

Your corrugator's speed curve
TLC for your corrugating belt
Level those hot plates
A manufactures advice on belt tension

Newsletter August 2006

Setting up the double backer
Harper/Love service awards
Single Facer Lessons for the double backer
Controlling double backer glue roll speed

Newsletter May 2006

The well-trained operator
M.E.T. - a formal program for success
Sales - Tech tag team

Newsletter February 2006

Should you run a winter formula
Discover your real Gel Point
Calculating percent solids

Newsletter November 2005

Combat high energy costs.
The right formula
Harper/Love in the news

Newsletter August 2005

Splicer Reliability.
Detecting common splicer problems
The experts answer questions
Aquaseal Plus

Newsletter May 2005

The value of Harper/Love technical assistance
New Faces
The experts answer questions
Liquibond Blue

Newsletter February 2005

Nanotechnology in corrugating.
Score cracking: causes and cures
Water chillers: Worth their cost?

Newsletter November 2004

Cure and prevent clogged pipes
Prevent Calcium buildup
Peter Snyder Honored

Newsletter August 2004

Measuring plant output
Economics of liquid adhesives
Looking for trouble

Newsletter May 2004

Directional fiber Pull
Measuring belt speed differential
Glue roll speed ratios

Newsletter February 2004

Cost vs. quality in wet-strength resins
Testing for wet strength
Stack cure Time

Newsletter November 2003

Vacuum bridge guides
Aligning your corrugator
Minimizing peel waste
Checking rolls for parallel

Newsletter August 2003

Your corrugator talks!
Temperature and Viscosity Control
A Primer on Pumps
Introducing Calci-Kleen

Newsletter May 2003

Battling Bugs
TLC for your starch kitchen

Newsletter February 2003

Hook warp; Twist warp
Which way to wrap
Where does moisture go?
Test for polar angle
Use a machinist's level

Newsletter November 2002

Bonding coated substrates
Measuring internal board temperatures
Recognizing Jim Carbone
ACCCSA doing well

Newsletter August 2002

Modern performance-enhancing liquids
Fixing loose edges
Understanding heat transfer
XM-5 Penetrant

Newsletter April 2002

Top belt Tension
Bonding wax-replacement coatings
Clues to cold spots
Zero water discharge

Newsletter January 2002

The true cost of out-of-round rolls
Infusion preheaters
Expanded tech support

Newsletter October 2001

A case of the flutters
Corrugating Handbook
Dry-pin testing
High-low flutes video
OBM Dustless

Newsletter July 2001

Measuring temperatures
IR heat-sensing guns
Gel points and you
Calculating solids

Newsletter April 2001

Rider rolls vs. contact bars
Alliance with Corn Products
Additions to our tech team
Penetrating polymer coatings

Newsletter January 2001

Glue roll speed ratios
Board testing
Aquaseal W-150
The Go-to-Guys

Newsletter September 2000

Liquid adhesives make dollars and sense
Bill Nikkel recognized

Newsletter April 2000

High-shear mixers: The good. The bad. The merely annoying.
Remembering Conley Ellis
Field staff additions
Working with high ring crush liners
Quick tip: Solving Sesame tape blisters
Hydratite 599: Cross-linkable performance resin

Newsletter January 2000

Measuring starch consumption
Buckets vs. bags
Winning against twist warp
People you need to know

Newsletter June 1999

Using waste water in adhesive formulations
Zero-discharge seminars
Calciban: the answer to build-up on your glue rolls
OBM for miniflutes
Y2K no problem for HLA
Expanding in South America

Newsletter October 1999

Understanding wet strength
Use that leftover preprint
Starch management training
New faces on the HLA team