HarperLove was originally formed in 1978 as a joint venture between Harper Corporation of America and N.B. Love Industries of Australia. During four decades of growth and innovation, our company has achieved many significant milestones.


Harper Corporation (US) joins with N.B. Love (AUS), developing adhesives and additives for the corrugated industry


First corrugator specialist hired and trained to be an adhesive technician. HarperLove built on this combination of skills to create the largest group of corrugator/adhesive technicians in the industry.


Introduced LoTemp 15/50™, a more efficient adhesive enabling lower temperature bonding and reducing energy requirements


Introduced HL-7™, the first use of polyphenolic powdered resin in adhesive to provide crosslinking for improved wet strength as well as a firmer sheet and less cure time


Expanded sales and service capabilities into Central and South America. HarperLove was instrumental in the organization and growth of the Association of Corrugators of the Caribbean, Central and South America (ACCCSA)


Introduced Hydratite 401™ resin as a higher-solids product with no resin shock and minimal free formaldehyde


Introduced OBM™ (One Bag Mix), a line of easy-to-use, just-add-water adhesive products to improve the efficiency and quality of smaller corrugating operations


HarperLove pioneers using wastewater to make starch adhesive


HarperLove initiates the transition of the corrugated industry from powdered to liquid products with new products and the “Buckets are Better than Bags” campaign


The patented Management Extension Team (MET®) program formalizes working relationships and procedures for benchmarking, goal setting, and problem solving.


Introduced Liquibond®, the industry’s first liquid performance enhancer which could be easily added to a batch and provided both increased speed and a better bond on heavyweight board


Launched Aquaseal Plus™, the industry’s first two-in-one liquid performance enhancer which improves corrugator speeds on difficult-to-bond substrates and also provides better wet strength, and Safety Mix™, the first product that enabled box plants to eliminate the use of caustic soda


Introduced Calciban™ which prevents the buildup of calcium carbonate and other inorganic deposits on the surface of glue rolls


Introduced LSP™ (Low-Solids Polymers) to reduce customers’ adhesive costs in response to rising corn starch prices


Introduced a series of new products to address customers’ performance needs and health and safety issues:

LiquiBor™ liquid borax to eliminate health and safety issues associated with handling powdered borax in a box plant
MultiBond Edge III™ to improve corrugator speed and performance and eliminate edge delamination on triple-wall
NoBor™, a boron-free liquid borax-replacement product to eliminate the health, safety, and water-treatment issues associated with boron