Wet-Strength Resins

Aquaseal™, Hydratite™, and other HarperLove branded wet strength resin products are used to provide MRA, WRA, and WPA levels of wet strength to the starch adhesive in corrugated boxes.  These resins are essential for corrugated plants producing boxes that contend with a variety of moisture conditions including high humidity, tropical climates, and top ice packaging.

Liquid Performance Products

We offer a wide range of performance additives such as LSP, Multibond, FiberWeld BoardLok, WRM II, Aquaseal Plus, Liquibond Blue and Multibond Edge III to help cover your corrugator bonding needs.  Faster run speeds, reduced waste, enhanced bonding to difficult substrates, and MRA with performance in one product are our specialties.

Borax Replacement Liquids

LiquiBor™ and HydroBor™ are liquid borax products. These new ingredients provide all the chemical benefits of traditional borax while completely eliminating the health and safety risks of employee exposure to airborne borax dust. These new products also eliminate the need to handle, cut and dump 50# paper bags of borax powder. We even offer a concentrated version LiquiBor C for a reduced footprint and freight savings. Our NoBor provides the function of borax in starch adhesive while eliminating boron from your adhesive.

Specialty Carriers

Our Concentrate DB and Safety Mix products provide everything that you need for the primary portion of the adhesive as well as eliminating the need for liquid caustic in your plant.  Each product brings a little something different to your adhesive.

One-Bag-Mix Products

OBM-B is the most reliable one bag starch adhesive mix in the industry.  Whether your starch batch uses one bag or twenty bags, the results are very consistent from batch to batch.  OBM-B is engineered to take out the variability in your starch adhesive.  Just add water and you are ready to make corrugated board.

Auxiliary Products

We also offer a range of other chemicals to help fulfill your other starch based corrugating adhesive needs. Defoamer to keep adhesive foam under control. BCS 3993 WS bacteria killer to lengthen the life of your adhesive. Calciban to slow down calcium carbonate build up on the glue rolls.  Calcikleen for cleaning those dirty glue rolls.  XM5 Penetrant for those papers that need to open up for good bonding.  Evolution Starch Off for cleaning built up starch adhesive from your glue lines and storage tanks.